Louise Drew Makeup Artist



How Much Are Your Services?

 Make-up prices vary between job and service offered. For Bridal and Prom/Makeover prices please see 'Rates and Services', and for Face&Body Painting, Prosthetics and all other enquiries please contact Louise on [email protected], stating what you are looking to achieve.

What is Airbrush Make-up?

Airbrush make-up works in a similar way to spray tanning, although not a lot of make-up artists offer this service! A small amount of fine, specialised liquid foundation is poured into a small air gun attached to a compressor. It is then sprayed lightly over the face and neck, achieving a flawless camera-ready appearance that doesn't block pores and evens out skin tone perfectly. The result is skin perfection every time- an industry professional favourite, that you can now have at home.

N:B- All of the photos on the website in 'Bridal' and 'Fashion & Editorial' galleries show Louise having used Airbrush Make-up.

Why should I wear Airbrush Make-up for my special day?

If you want a flawless complection that lasts all day and night, then you've got your solution. The Temptu Pro products that Louise uses are silicone based, which means they don't rub off easily or become oily on the skin.  With 12 shades to choose from, all being easily mixed to create the perfect shade- the best foundation you've ever worn is waiting!

I'm nervous about getting my make-up done by someone else- what do I ask for?

Anything you like! Most of the time ladies that have their make-up done want to be flawless, but not 'over-done'. Louise knows this from vast retail experience and is renowned for giving the client exactly the make-up they want, not necessarily what 'they should have'. If you don't want heavy foundation or concealer, then she won't apply it- the depth of coverage on your skin is entirely up to you.

Sometimes spots and blemishes do need extra coverage if you want them to appear less obvious, and often (but not always) more make-up is applied in that area to overcome this. Louise uses professional grade products on your skin to enhance it in the best ways possible to make you look your absolute best.